Thursday, November 5, 2009

To Wellington

Left Auckland early October 31st and took an Intercity bus to Wellington. It was a long ride, 8 hours in total, but after traveling over 20 hours a few days earlier it wasn't too bad. Wellington (the capital of New Zealand) is located on the southern most point on the north island, so the drive down covered nearly the entire north west coast. A scenic drive, but not a very diverse one. The sites were of rolling green hills ... lots and lots of green hills. Populating this vast green rolling land were more cows, sheep, and goats than there were people. When the bus did approach or drive through a town, it was usually just a few small shops, a post office, and petrol station, and as soon as it took to write this sentence, we were through the town and amongst more rolling green countryside. An interesting aside: all of the road and store signs (outside of a major city) are all made of corrugated aluminum siding. New Zealand country side is beautiful, but after viewing it for two hours from a bus window, it all started to blur together. To kill the time, the bus driver played "The World's Fastest Indian", a film about a Kiwi (Burt Munro played by Anthony Hopkins), who set a world land speed record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats -- a good flick.

Lots of green to be seen

Mount Ruapehu from the Desert Road

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